Guiding services

Regional Museum of Travnik provides guided tours of cultural and historical monuments and sites in Travnik for organized group visits: viziers tombs, tomb of the poet Ilhamija, Hadji Ali-Bey Mosque with a sundial and a clock tower, the site of “Konak“, Archbishop’s School, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, remains of Madrasa of Mehmed – pasha Kukavica, Serbian Orthodox Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Holy Virgin, Lukačka Mosque, Hafizadić House, Šarena (Colorful) Mosque, the clock tower, Yeni Mosque, Plava voda (Blue Water), Elči- Ibrahim pasha’s Madrasa, residential area of Osoje (mahala).

Tours are provided by the Museum curators and certified tour guides.

Guiding services are available by prior appointment with the Museum information center.

Guided tour price: 50.00 KM