More than 700 books and literary magazines from the former Yugoslavia and many other countries are on display, showing Ivo Andrić’s literary opus. Of particular value are magazines where Andrić published his first works, the first editions of his books (“Ex-ponto” 1918, “Disquietudes”, “The Journey of Alija Đerzelez”, 1920), the first editions of his novels from 1945 (“The Bridge on Drina River”, “The Days of the Consuls” and “Miss”). A special place in the exhibition is given to books signed by the author, as his personal gift to the museum.

Photographs by Miodrag Đurašević were taken in Stockholm in 1961 during the ceremony where the Nobel Prize for literature was awarded to Ivo Andrić.

Two copies of the charter and the medallion given to the author are displayed, as well as photographs from the traditional “Saint Lucia’s Day” in Sweden.

The library has a small art collection too:

“In Honor of Ivo Andrić”, the graphic map by Ivan Rabuzin

The Story of Vizier’s Elephant”, art composition by Ahmed Hrustanović

“Ivo Andrić”, a portrait, by academic painter Ante Mamuša

Sculpture “Ivo Andrić” by local artist Marko Gido