“Travnik Chronicle” Tourist Tour

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Following the novel by the Nobel laureate Ivo Andrić

Short description:

The tour consists of visits to the sites, cultural and historical monuments as well as the places where the novel “Travnik Chronicle” (“Bosnian Chronicle” – “The Days of the Consuls” – “Bosnian Story”) takes place, the novel that, among other literary works, brought the Nobel Prize in Literature to Ivo Andrić in 1961.

Museum curator talks about literary and historical aspect of the novel while an actor dressed up in Ottoman costume representing one of the unnamed characters from “Travnik Chronicle” interprets fragments of the novel at the authentic locations.

“Travnik Chronicle” tour offers a unique way of understanding one of the most beautiful European novels.

Tour leaders:

Enes Škrgo, curator of the Memorial Museum of Ivo Andric

Matej Baškarad, an actor from Travnik.

Sites: Šumeće – Medieval fortress “Old Town” – Birth place of Ivo Andric – Hafizadić house – “Konak” – Regional Museum – Šumeće

Duration: 3 hours

The tour is available by prior appointment with the Museum information center.

Tour price: 150.00 KM