The “Travnik Chronicles” Room

“Travnik Chronicles” or “The Days of the Consuls” as a subtitle of one of the most beautiful and most important novels ever written in South Slavic languages uncovers the time frame of the novel – the period between 1806 and 1814.

The accompanying text, together with the first edition of the novel (Belgrade, 1945), shows the words of its author, which, during his visit to Travnik in 1962 explained how and when this work on the most glorious period of Travnik’s past had been conceived and written.

Facsimiles of the reports by the French and Austrian general consulate in Travnik, as well as historical data about these diplomatic missions in Bosnia refer to the documentary sources and their consequent artistic transposition to the novel.

The room dedicated to this novel gives an overview of the characters in the novel, a map of toponyms, drawings and photographs showing the town in the period in which the novel is set.

Many national and international editions exhibited speak of the significance of “The Days of the Consuls” which, together with other works, would bring the Nobel Prize to its author.

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