The Open Space Exhibition

The Small Botanical Garden

In the museum grounds there is an area with a small flower garden, and a rockery where local indigenous plants have been planted, especially from the mountain of Vlašić, as well as flower varieties belonging to the traditional cultivation of Travnik’s private gardens.

The Open Lapidary

In the course of time, the museum grounds have been turned into a small lapidary. Firstly, in the 1980s, a lidded sarcophagus excavated from the necropolis in Stara Bila was exhibited. In the sarcophagus a grave decoration has been found – a rare exemplar of a belt encrusted with silver and gold from the 14th Century.

After the completion of the archeological excavation of the medieval necropolis of Mašeta in Fazlići, from the same locality, in 2012, two gravestones were transferred to the museum grounds. The stones were removed from their original location due to the construction of the new road. The gravestones are in the form of sarcophagi, with no decorations or epigraphic writings. Their form and dimensions are characteristic of the area of Bila.