Memorial Museum “ Birthplace of Ivo Andrić”

Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić was born on 9th October 1892 in the residential area of Zenjak in Travnik. His reconstructed birthplace was opened on 30th August 1974 as an annex to the Regional Museum of Travnik, as the Memorial Museum of literary Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić with a permanent exhibition on his life and literary work.


Open for visit:

Every day (including Saturdays and Sundays):

9:30 – 17:00


Adults: 4.00 KM

Group visits (minimum 20 persons): 3.50 KM

Pupils of elementary and secondary schools, students and pensioners: 3.00 KM

Group visits (minimum 20 persons) for pupils, students and pensioners: 2.00 KMKako_doci_Andricke