The steam train “Ćiro”

Steam train “Ćiro” – serial number “97-036” was manufactured in 1893, in the Floridsdorf factory near Vienna. From 38 steam trains built, only four are still preserved. In addition to the Travnik railway, purposely conceived according to the “Abot system” in order to overcome the steep curve of the Komar road (via a system of cogwheel rods built between railroad tracks and cogwheels) another three examples of the system have been preserved in museums in Munich, Ljubljana, and in a private museum in Freuach (Austria).

In 2012 a project of saving, restoration and conservation of the steam train nicknamed “Ćiro” was accomplished. The train consists of a steam locomotive and two wagons, an open roof and a standard one.

Restoration was done in a specialized workshop in Banovići. After its return to Travnik, “Ćiro”, instead of being placed at the old train station, was instead placed in the Museum grounds, in order to have a proper safekeeping for this rare monument of technical heritage.




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